No Holes

Imagine a barrel with holes. Even if you plug all the holes at the top, it will still leak from the bottom because the lower the hole, the more critical the need. We have found that many students focus on the lesser “holes” in their lives while the most critical “holes” deal with identity and ability. Namely, two foundational statements:

“I am…”

  • I am valuable.
  • I am special.
  • I am one of kind.
  • I am important,
  • I am significant.

“I can…”

  • I can be successful.
  • I can overcome difficulty.
  • I can accomplish tasks and abilities that don’t come easily to me.
  • I can treat others right even when they treat me wrong.
  • I can make good grades.
  • I can overcome peer pressure.
  • I can go to college.
  • I can achieve anything if I listen to the right voices, make the right choices and don’t quit on myself.

Our goal is to help students identify and address the most critical “holes” in their lives so that they can excel and succeed in everyday life.

“I have known very few people who are as diversely talented as Kolby and Mary Beth King. Their use of a combination of ventriloquism, illusion, and teaching illustrations is fast paced, energetic, fun, and hits the mark each and every time. I have watched as they captivated an audience filled with people of all ages. They seem to have an uncanny ability to connect with adults, teens and children all at the same time.” -Dan Lewis

Impacting students across America.