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“Kolby’s school program was exactly what all of our students needed at this time of the year. He spoke about challenges that our students face, such as respecting one another and making the right choices. Kolby uses illusions, humor, and more to engage the students from the beginning to the end. We recommend this program to schools and organizations looking for a positive way to encourage character development.”

“Kolby King is the most talented ventriloquist I have ever seen. His program covered concepts such as self-worth and bullying. I can actually say that I have seen a drastic reduction in discipline referrals dealing with bullying or related behavior since he visited our campus. The program is high-energy, fun, educational, and he does a great job relating to students and involving them in the program. I would recommend this program to any school.”

“Thank you for coming to Wellston MS/HS, your Assembly presentation was impactful and purpose filled. Our students enjoyed hearing your life lessons! Helping them understand to listen to the right voices and make the right choices complimented our goal this year to build character in our building and help students choose to be more accountable for their actions.” -Mrs. Katherine Papera, Principal, Wellston, OK

“Kolby’s program was entertaining, fun, and full of positive messages that students need to hear.  Even our 1st and 2nd graders were engaged and really enjoyed it.  It’s great to have a speaker that can connect with students of all ages and share such encouraging words, and that’s what Kolby did!” -Sarah Lee, Principal, Webster Elementary, Webb City, MO

“We had Kolby King come and speak to our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. He did an amazing job! He tailored the performance to exactly what we wanted the kids to hear. He got the students’ attention with illusions, but related everything that he was doing to a more serious topic. I have never seen our kids so engaged in a guest speaker. They weren’t afraid to admit that they enjoyed themselves either. The following day, during lunch, I had the kids show me “fist to five” how much they enjoyed it, and there were fives all over the cafeteria. If you get a chance to have him come speak to your kids, don’t miss the opportunity. —Matt Ferguson, Principal, Huntsville, AR

“Mr. King’s presentation was engaging and encouraging, effectively reaching all ages. Students were challenged to live purposefully: thinking of others, learning from mistakes, and willing to try new things. We were very thankful for the time Mr. King spent with our elementary students.” -Alisha Bennett, Principal

“Kolby King’s message is engaging, fast-paced, and positive.  Students and staff always enjoy his visit to our school.” -Lisa Baker, Counselor, Eugene Field and Mark Twain Elementary,  MO

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