Kolby King has shared in public schools for more than 20 years across the United States and has shared in schools in India and England as well. His school assemblies mix humor, illusions, illustrations with volunteers, and ventriloquism (with elementary students) to present a positive message that lasts approximately 30-35 minutes.

He is a book author and he and his wife are the founders of 330ministries, a non-profit organization that provides resources and events for communities, schools, churches and more.

Kolby King has served as a pastor, youth minister, children’s minister and P.E. teacher. Although he is a minister, he is fully aware of the laws regarding the separation of church and state and fully abides by those laws. No mention concerning “God” or “religion” will be made during any public school presentations. These school assemblies are non-religious.

Finally, although Kolby and his family do a variety of “fire” stunts, as you might have seen from other photos online, there are no fire stunts used in our school assemblies. We use stunts such as these at universities, conferences, community events, and other specialty activities.

Impacting students across America.